eScoot rentals(rentmyEV coming soon)


We shall be working with different communities to see how eScoot can help them reduce carbon footprint and save money on there expenses.  Wherever possible we shall involve the key stakeholders and try to replace any other fuel based commute to eco-friendly eScoot commute.  If your community want's to make use of this please email us at :

Campus Network

Campuses are the places where inventions happen, work gets done and people collaborate to perform there best.  Now, we shall help such campuses go free from noise & air pollution by adopting to eco-friendly eScoot commutes within the campus to save time/energy and keep the campuses clean & green. If your campus want's to make use of this please email us at :

Smart City

We shall work with the government authorities to make smart cities where the public services are going to adapt to an eScoot mode of transport like our beat police, traffic cops, postman and other public service personnel who need to go from point A to point B. Please email us and lets work together: